"Brunswick is a stirring and illuminating film. It celebrates the deep bonds between rural landscapes and the families that have long farmed and lived in them. At the same time, it documents the startling fragility of such regions, and the urgent need for community-based planning and conservation if we are to save them from being obliterated by sprawl."

-John Elder, author, Reading the Mountains of Home

Brunswick is a film about landscape change, told through the personal story of a farmer's lifelong connection to his now-threatened land. The film weaves together the plight of Sanford Bonesteel, an aging farmer in his 90's, with the dynamics of small-town politics as a residential development is planned on Sanford's former land. The film takes place in Brunswick, New York, a small country town facing the challenge of balancing economic growth with the preservation of its rural character. It is a story both specific to Brunswick and yet recognizable to rural communities all over the United States.

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